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Ballykelly Primary School, Ballykelly, Limavady

SLC Information


The Speech and Language Class at Ballykelly Primary School is a specialised class for children in Primaries 1-4 who have a Developmental Language Disorder (DLD). The class offers teaching covering all aspects of the Northern Ireland Curriculum but with extra emphasis being placed on language development. The class has a maximum of twelve pupils attending at any one time and children can attend the class for up to two years before being reintegrated to their mainstream class. A Speech and Language Therapist works in the class alongside the teacher, ensuring speech and language development is central to all learning.   We have close links with the Speech and Language Therapists who have been working with the children before they come to the Language Class and continue to liaise with them when the children are leaving to ensure continuity of care.

Ballykelly Speech and Language Class caters for children from surrounding schools; including those from Limavady, Dungiven, Feeny, Claudy and Greysteel. Children attend the class Monday-Thursday each week and attend their mainstream school every Friday.  The Speech and Language Class has strong links with the mainstream schools and works in partnership with them to best meet the needs of the children placed in their care.   

How does my child get a place in Ballykelly SLC?

If you feel your child has a difficulty with speech and language and may require the specialised support of the Speech and Language Class, talk to your child's teacher in their own school. If it is felt that your child has difficulties, an Educational Psychologist and a Speech and Language Therapist will assess your child further and your child's name will be put forward for discussion to decide whether they meet the criteria for a Language Class placement.  These meetings take place in November and May. If your child meets criteria then the parents will be offered a place and asked if they wish to accept it. 

Once a place is accepted, your child attends with us in September - 4 days per week and one day in their mainstream school.   They no longer attend SLT in the community clinic - this is provided by our own Speech and Language Therapist.  Each child is offered a maximum of 2 years in a Language class.